Marylee's Cleaners Whitechapel Will Return the Shine to Your Old Home

If you are moving house and need a detailed clean for the space, rely on the professional end of tenancy cleaning services of Marylee's Cleaners Whitechapel. We provide specially designed cleaning solutions to suit your necessity and requirements. They are tailored according to a customer’s personal needs and preferences.

Before starting any job, our team will visit you to evaluate your move out cleaning needs and give you a quotation to ensure they complete the end of tenancy clean within the timescale and budget.

We provide high quality of service, and honest and reliable staff who can fulfill a range of end tenancy cleaning needs. Our cleaning experts are able to handle greasy kitchens, dusty windows, dirty carpets, grimy ovens and any other items and areas that require more attention. 

Our cleaners will come fully supplied with highly advanced equipment, state-of-the-art tools and highly efficient detergents. The high quality products they use are also eco-friendly and fully biodegradable. They have been carefully chosen not to affect your health or damage your furniture and appliances. 

Order a quality end of tenancy cleaning in Whitechapel by calling 020 3404 4276. Using this contact option, you can also receive a free quote or help with your booking. Our staff of polite and well-informed advisers are always ready to be as helpful as possible for your needs. 

Interesting Information About Whitechapel

End of Tenancy Cleaning WhitechapelWhere does the name come from? Was there ever an actual white chapel in Whitechapel? Actually, there was… for over 600 years, in fact. It started out as a chapel-of-ease for the St. Dunstan Church in Stepney until becoming a church in its own right called St. Mary Matfelon. It was known to locals as the “white chapel” due to its whitewash paint made out of chalk and lime. Eventually, the road it was situated on became known as Whitechapel Road and, soon after, the whole region. The church lasted until 1952 when it was demolished after previously sustaining heavy damages during the Blitz.